An administration panel for shop/warehouse management
Project Description

I consider this project as the most significant one in my career. I was hired to create a fully responsive web application CRM system for sales management purposes with a built-in emailing module and an advanced system of relations between modules of Clients, Activities, Mails and Sales.

It was a challenging project because I worked on this task in my home, managing by myself time, resources and planning whole project. I usually programmed a whole day, but there were days when I needed to take a break from my responsibilities to take a deep breath and rest but it never delayed the project as I am a punctual and organized person. Once in a while, I had a meeting with my boss during which we talked about the progress of my work.

The application was created in PHP & MySQL.

The final version of the application had features like:

The application was implemented in above mention state and was used by employees of the company.

Project Details