An amateur photographer and graphic designer
Project Description

The beginning of my interest in creating and manipulation graphics was in 2013.

Me and my wife were heads of NCU OSA Student Chapter and NCU SPIE Student Chapter. We decided to organize two big international student conferences: OPTO Meeting 2013 and IONS-14 / Torun.

At that time I created several graphic designs.
For OPTO Meeting: logo, poster, flyer and website background.
For IONS-14: logo, poster and flyer.

In 2010 I began to attend international conferences. It was also the beginning of my new interest - photography.
I love to take panoramic pictures. To stitch them together I use Hugin application or other applications mentioned below.
The image below shows a panoramic view of a valley made from a mountain lift taking its passengers to the top of Zugspitze (2.24MB).

A lift to the top of Zugspitze

More interesting photos can be found in Galleries.

Photography made me learn a little about photo editing. I started changing images using Illustrator, InkScape, Photoshop and GIMP. Some of the examples can be found in Media section of this site.