MSc Degree Thesis
Database and Internet Technologies for e-Commerce (MySQL and PHP)
Project Description

I consider this project as the most important one in my career not only because it was the first one I have ever made, but also because it made me who I am today - a web developer, a programmer, a database designer and administrator.

F.H. MIM is my parents' company. I worked there to get on with resource management and to see how small company works from inside. I needed this knowledge because of my MSc degree thesis project to create an administration panel for a warehouse with PHP and MySQL.

I confronted dozens of challenges during the process of creating the application. I had not known PHP before, I did not have experience with CSS and designing and my knowledge of designing databases and developing applications using MySQL was weak. But I had a clear goal ahead of me which I wanted to accomplish. The strength of character, dedication, always trying to do my best were the skills which made it possible to finish the project and almost immediately after that I was able to obtain a job in ADOP company.

The system included the following:

  • creating new products, producers, orders (in & out), customers,
  • every product can be described by any feature and category previously created in the system,
  • creating reports of day-to-day sales and purchases in specified category/product/producer/client and then export them to PDF file,
  • possibility to print invoices,
  • the whole panel was created to be the admin panel of an online shop, but there was no time to create a client-side website.
List of files from my thesis:

Project Details