New data format & extension
Project Description

I created a new extension for saving measurement data using C++/CLI and LabVIEW in OBIG team which later was used in NCBiR project.

It was the first time I used C++/CLI but I learnt it very fast and was able to successfully finish the project.

A project required to save data from biomedical measurements to files which were data processed in the next steps. Dr Maciej Szkulmowski created a file extension commonly used in the aforementioned research group but it had to be rebuilt to .NET programming language to make it more suitable to new needs.

My task was to rewrite old code written in C++ to C++/CLI, rebuild it and add new required features like writing results from multiple measurements into a single file (previous version required a new file for each measurement). Compatibility to previous version of the code was required, because many other applications used in the team were based on it.

Project Details