Automatic MS Access forms generation from Excel documents
Project Description

During my MSc degree studies, I decided to get my first job in IT field. I started with an internship in a small 3-month project for Inter-tel company.

INTER-TEL used MS Excel files as main documents to store information about orders. Depending on the type of the service, the forms looked slightly different. Moreover, even the same service could, unfortunatelly, also had different fields by a result of removing unused fields and/or adding new type of information.

The idea was to create an application which reads the MS Excel files, moves all data to the database and recreates MS Excel files' content in a form of MS Access's forms.

The solution was made in 3 major steps:

  • Step #1 - reading files
    This part was made by my colleague. He created an application in C# that opens MS Excel and moves data to the database.
  • Step #2 - database
    I designed the database. The requirement was to build a database which could be expanded and developed easily in the future.
  • Step #3 - automatic forms generation
    Another part of my job was to create VBA and MS Access interface for an automatic forms generation.
    That part was a tricky since results of the steps #1 and #2 we lost information about the layout of forms. I adjusted the database design storing relevant information there. It was then possible to rebuild forms in a very simiilar way to original one.

Project Details